Head Job needed , and the car 😬

Can anyone in the UK recommend a good engineering workshop to carry out a complete head rebuild , new tappets , guides , valves etc , etc , and put it all back together , ready to pop back on .

Perhaps Ken Jenkins might be able to help you.
He supplied the stuff and advice I needed when I did mine 2 years ago. Although I did it myself.
It’s important to use a jaguar specialist, as opposed to a general chancer. Plenty of those out there. ! But I guess you know that already.
Is it for the Mk7 or the MK2?

It’s for the mk 10 , compressions are low , tappets are noisy and the oil was as black as tar , so I think it’s time !

Hmm from your description it’s hard to understand why you think it’s just the head that needs a rebuild

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Just hoping Phil , 20 char .

Did you do a wet compression test ?

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Is your engine a 4.2 or 3.8?

The spoonful of oil test ? , Yes , increased the compressions a bit :slightly_frowning_face: . It’s a 4.2 .

send me a private message I might be able to help.