Head lamp finisher seal

Hello Jag-Lovers,
Need a little help with the head lamp seal under the chrome finisher. Do the washers and button rivets go on first and then the seal over the button rivet, or do the washers go on top of the seal with the rivets going through both?

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Sorry I have a 1970 2+2

The former - . You may find the replacement seal is thicker than the original, preventing the chrome finisher from snapping into place, in which case you will need to use two washers under the button snap. If you run out of the special rivets you can make replacements by chucking a regular rivet into your drill and spinning the head against a file to reduce its diameter slightly, then reusing button snap.


Thank you for the nice tip Nickolas


Dear Nick,

Thanks so much for the info for the front chrome rubber seals. I did put 2 washers on with each rivet. Worked fantastic. I also looked at a pdf file that I got from Moss motors on how to heat and bend the rubber seal. I did not use sheet metal, like the person used in the pictures. I used 1/8 inch wood sheeting that I made a pattern with. I tried to bend and went through 2 sets of rubber seal before I tried the heating method. Once heated around the pattern and cooled it keeps its shape. It worked really well.

Thanks again so much for you help,

Alf Howald

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Alf, can you provide a link to the Moss Motors pdf file for heating the rubber seal?

Thanks Andy

Dear Andy,
It would not let me attach the file, sorry. I just called Moss Motors California and asked if they had any info on how to install these headlight chrome rubber seals. They sent me pictures via email. In the pictures they used sheet metal but I just used 1/8 inch wood.

  1. I first used a piece of transparent painters plastic and taped it over the headlight area. I then used a felt pen and traced where the inner edge of the rubber seal needed to be. Then cute out the plastic pattern.
  2. I put the plastic pattern on to a piece of 1/8 in wood and traced out the pattern. Then used a jigsaw to cut out the pattern.
  3. I then put a piece of aluminum foil on to another piece of wood and screwed the pattern to the foil and wood. Used foil so that the rubber wouldn’t hopefully stick. It didn’t.
  4. Then it was just very carefully heating the rubber, a bit at a time, putting against the wood pattern and using blue painters tape to hold in place.
  5. Let cool completely and it did hold its shape.
  6. You can then unscrew the wood pattern and flip over to do the other headlight.

Hope this helps. It seemed to work for me,

I was very thankful to the person who figured this out and allowed Moss Motors to distribute it.


The one thing I forgot to mention is that I used a heat gun that I got from my local hardware store.


Alf, thank you very much that’s great info and well done!
Andy 69FHC