Header tank 67 2+2

Hello everyone.

I removed this very old and rusty header tank from my 67 2+2. Just for my information, do you confirm this is a homemade one from previous ownership?



From other photos on here I would say definately a home made job.

Yes, a bodge. Don’t put that thing back in the car.


The header tank on my 1967 2+2 looks nothing like that!

Thanks for you answer! that’s what i though.

SNG Barratt sells a very nice correct header tank. You can see it in the article linked below for my 67 2+2 restoration. Just be aware that their hammertone finish is very nice but may be hard to match for other adjacent components, like the support bracket. It is arguably a “better” hammertone than you can get out of a rattle can. Per Tony Lee they researched the finish that they use and it is commensurate to what they have seen on a lot of original cars.