Headlamp change

I removed the sealed headlamp for my 88’ xjs and i want to put a new one’s with a removable bulb.
Want type of bulb will fit ?
Can i put 4H bulb for all of the headlamp ? Or i should put a different type ?

I installed four identical E-code headlamps in my '83, each of which used an H4 bulb. An H4 bulb has two filaments, low beam and high beam. I just didn’t wire up the low beam filaments on the inboard bulbs.

I also replaced the 65W H4’s with 100W versions. And installed a CS130 alternator to have enough juice to use them without draining the battery.

If you’re interested in optimum visibility, some point out that it’s smarter to install dedicated driving lights in the inboard positions, meaning something that uses a single-filament bulb like an H1. The light pattern is optimized for long distance illumination, leaving the outboard units to take care of the nearby light spread. The only problem with this plan is making sure the headlights all match and look right together; generally you’ll want to go with all four units from the same manufacturer.

Finally, let me point out that you’re talking dinosaur technology. Today you should be considering a set of LED headlights. They light great and don’t draw much power, but many of them seem to be really ugly. They also produce a somewhat bluish light.

Thank you for your replay
I have a led lights for all four headlight BUT the led light wont pass the MIT in my country (israel). :frowning: