Headlamp Issues

G’day all… If you are looking for these parts for the conversion I will pass these on at half the price of the the moss listed cost… plus shipping from British Columbia… Cheers

I already purchased the slant back buckets from Lemora.

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The saga continues…

Unfortunately, I was not responsible for the disassembly of my car. So, there are lots of things I do not know. For example, how are the headlamp buckets fastened to the diaphragm for an S1? I presume screws with speed nuts but please confirm or set me straight.



This may help:

There is also a specific way the sugar scoops are mounted. When you look at a sugar scoop you will see three captive nuts on the rear edge. It is easy and sensible to assume the scoop is offered up to the diaphragm, the bolts are inserted from the wheel well and tightened up. Wrong! The bolts are inserted tightly into the captive nuts first and the sugar scoop offered up to the diaphragm so the bolts go through the holes. Nuts and washers are then put on from the wheel well side and the whole assembly tightened up.

The bolts are hex head 3/16" diameter but two are 1" in length and one is 3/4" in length. This is to compensate for the fact the bottom captive nut on the scoop is on the rear of the lip whilst the other two are at the front ensuring all three screws protrude equally. You only have to read the parts list which details the three hex head bolts, two sizes, plain washers, spring washers and the killer punch - three nuts - which would not be needed if the bolts were inserted from the wheel well side.

It is also interesting to read Jaguar listed #C1094 ‘Distance piece, for Panels - as required’ to ensure the scoops (correct name ‘Finishing Panel Assembly in Headlamp Recess’) could be adjusted for correct fit. Another reason the bolts had to be fixed to the scoop before installation - so the spacers could be added if required before it was offered up. Finally the word “Assembly” in the parts book does suggest it was a part comprising of more than one item!

I have not fully got to grips with why Jaguar went to the trouble of putting one nut on a different side of the scoop necessitating different size screws but my current theory is it was to give them an upward tilt so any water or condensation would dribble back and out of the drain hole at the rear. So another opportunity presents itself to shake your head knowingly at the next car show when you find an E-Type with the bonnet up.



I had Hellas in my '63, fit fine.

Yes, but there are several Hella model types and they seem to have dropped the shallow reflectors for the more common deep style:

Wipac Quadoptic headlamps are still available in both LHD and RHD:

Note the Wipac has a more curved lens to accommodate the bulb whilst the Hella is flatter. That 1/2" makes the difference.

I even tried the Crystal headlamps seen here alongside the Wipac:

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I wasn’t aware of the depth change: I bought mine back in 2003, which may explain why they fit.

They don’t seem to sell Wipac Quadoptics in the US and shipping from the UK appears to be expensive. Any other posibilities?


SNG Barratt offers lamps they say will fit the S1.

The LHD kit listed at the bottom is the Wipac brand, which is what I have ordered. As I’m in Canada and UPS charges exorbitant shipping and brokerage fees for deliveries from the US I have my parts shipped to my US dropoff just across the border. I won’t be crossing for another two weeks so can’t vouch for the fit, but trust they will.

The picture of the lamps may or may not be the Wipacs, since the listing is for three different brands.

Nick, Please let me know when you get them if they fit. Fortunately, I am not in a hurry. Is that SNG’s web site? JLM9609K?


David, It appears that the adjusters are at 9 & 6 from the back view in this picture. Is that correct?

Will do, Herb. I’ve just now messaged SNG asking them to confirm fitment with the flat backed headlamp bowls. Easter Monday, so likely won’t hear back till tomorrow.

Yes, David’s pic is of the back of the headlamp bowl. The lamps adjust from the front, 3 and 6 o’clock.

Indeed - 3 o’clock adjusts l/eft/right, 6 o’clock adjusts up/down.

I assume SNGB will supply the correct headlamps for the S1 buckets, they sell enough of them! The big black rubber thingy on the back won’t be used I guess.


and Moss Motors carries the Wipac

Not sure if this is any use but!! I had a heck of a time getting the tri bar headlights to fit into the “slant back” bucket that I ordered new for the conversion… no way the bulb would fit even with the 90deg plug… I ended up cutting and rewelding an old set of buckets to make it work … and it does fine… I have to say getting the new diaphragms in and headlights mounted was a royal pain… I also have a set monocoque structures “sugar scoops” for a S1 closed HL… Good price…

The original Lucas PL700 tribar headlamps will fit the S1 buckets without problem as they were installed with them at the Factory. Cars destined for the USA were shipped without headlamps fitted as sealed beam units were mandated The Distributor installed GE6012 sealed beam units The very early cars had GE6012 headlamps with a 9/16" GE logo in the centre but the design was changed in late 1961 to a smaller GE logo at the base. From April 1964 US bound cars were fitted at the Factory with sealed beam Lucas D-F700 (58439) units as dictated by US law.

The GE6012 lamps with the iconic large GE logo, in working order, are incredibly rare:

OBL car with large logo GE and as you can see it is very noticeable.


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Nick, Did you get your headlamp parts and do they fit with the slant back bowls? Herb

Not yet, Herb, and no word back from SNG.