Headlamp Lens External Cleaning?

(RCielec) #1

Ahoy !
2002 S-Type; 4.0L; Nat/Aspir
Yes, oxidized “cataract” headlamp lenses. Anything special about the lenses I should know such as special coating to be respected ?
Otherwise, I’ll proceed with standard kits from autoparts stores or, a DIY technique found on line. Regarding DIY: The diminishing grit/wet sanding/clear coat or waxing method appears to be the that which is promoted as longest lasting.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.
ps: Sincere thanks to you all. Your comments and advice have made me a smarter steward of the S-type and, hopefully, a better colleague on the forum - RC

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Try toothpaste, its marginally abrasive and handy (assuming one still has teeth that need it :slight_smile: )

(Rob Reilly) #3

I did mine once a few years ago with a kit from 3M, but I did not take them out of the car. They need it again, so this time I’m going to take them out and do them on the workbench.

(Paul Wigton) #4

I did mine, same way, but stopped at the 3000 grit stage: masked them off and sprayed UV-resistant clear on them.

Been good for over a year, now.

(John Berger) #5

I found a nice lady who sanded down, compounded and clear coated all four headlights for $55.00 in my driveway here in Phoenix. It took about an hour for her to complete the job, and my lights look great! When I consider the cost of buying a restoration kit, and the drudgery of doing it myself, it was a worthwhile investment.

I ‘m sure there are enterprising entrepreneurs everywhere who perform the same service, especially here in the Southwest, where most cars on the road have cloudy headlights.

(Paul Wigton) #6

This is a notable place, where the use modern materials, though easy to mold into slippery shapes, is NOT superior to old-fashioned glass.