Headlight switch Knob

Trying to figure out how to pull out the chrome portion of the headlight switch knob on the dash of a series 1.
I see a small hole on the barrel side which I assumed was for a hex key to unscrew an internal grub screw. No luck. Looking the opening and internals with a mirror does not confirm that the “pin” or grub screw will accept a hex key OR a small screwdriver. Anyone with this experience ?


There is a spring actuated release pin inside that hole. Push in with a fine poker and pull it off the shaft.

Thanks, I will give that a try. Never occurred to be to be spring loaded…

Just dont use a sharp-ended tool, like a dental pick.


Worked perfectly with a very small punch while pulling with taped pliers. Will add a drop of lubricant in the opening when reassembling.

That’s called an “explorer”, Paul.

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Noooo… it’s what’s called, “Paulie gets Dad to take him to the ER again.”