Headlights 120. 20 characters

I’ve got to fit the headlight details soon so I need to pull the pin.

Am I plunging in for the original style tri-whatever$, or is there a really good looking sealed beam bulb that I should consider but haven’t found yet? USA driving!

On my TD I tried to live with the original reflector/bulb/glass lens, but at night it wasn’t sufficient. I tried a setup from the UK (for LHD) with an LED bulb that put the high beam in the trees. Didn’t even hit the street, that one.

On the TC Special, I have 8" shells. The reflector/bulb/flat lens is perfect for the car but just ok for night driving.

The MGAs have NAPA sealed beams that work great and are cheap, but aren’t what I’m looking for in the 120.

Has anyone found the Goldilocks solution, something that looks correct and gives off decent light - without having to worry about an obscure bulb maker quitting the business?

These three solutions are so far, the top contenders:




BTW, on my 34 hot rod I tried an inexpensive look-alike reproduction headlight. The bulb got so hot it melted the plastic bulb mount and plug. I just barely made it home, nearly had to call for the ride of shame over a pair of $60.00 re-pops.

Headlight bulb plug 2