Headliner dropped!

This morning I noticed a restricted view in the rear view mirror and saw this

Has anyone seen this on a 5 yearS and 27000 miles old F-type before ?

Crap that doesn’t look fun. And you’re in MD where it’s not even super hot. Is that leather or vinyl? It looks kind of heavy.

It’s leather and therefore heavier than the vinyl and fabric alternatives.
The upholstery guy that did my E-type interiors says that he’s done a bunch of Bentlys with the same issue.
I’m not happy.
I’m 8 weeks away from moving to the UK and selling all our vehicles and this is not helping.
So far, the director of service at the local Jaguar dealerships has remained silent since this morning.
We had temps in the upper 90’s and I can only guess about the temperature inside the car, but we’re not talking typical TX or AZ temps.

As you can imagine Jaguar had “never” heard of a dropped headliner before and since my car is more than a year out of warranty, there was no help offered.
I’m having the local upholstery shop re-attaching it this weekend and listing the car for sale as soon as it’s ready.

Good luck. I hope it’s not too involved. It looks like an air bubble started forming near the front also. VWs are well known for this. They “heard about it” though because there was a class action suit

Thanks Erica.
The guy can do it in a day and will charge me $650 for the job. Maybe more, but that would be a little steep for a one day job, done on the side.
He recons the headline shell has to come out. Take the leather off, cleaning and re-attach.
You’re right Erica, there is smaller bubble at the front as well, I guess that why he want to take it all off.
It feels like there’s a “balloon” between the shell and the leather, which I could imagine is some sort of “gas” coming from the glue being heated up and pushing the leather away from the shell.
A well, it only money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s the way my VW was done, removing the whole foam panel and bringing it to the guy. I did that part myself to both reduce the cost and the risk. I hope the guy’s a pro because getting a major panel like that out and back in is a detailed, car specific job.

You had me running out to the garage to look at my headliner on the F. It is foam backed textile,and looks fine.
I replaced headliner on the XK8, the challenge is to get the liner out. It goes in before the windshield.
The F type will be a difficult install.

I’m taking it to the upholstery guy today. He seem to know what he’s doing and will charge me $650 maybe more, he said, to do it on the side over the weekend.

It took him two days and I’m $750 lighter.
I doubt Jaguar will ever admit to have used the wrong glue.
The whole headliner was like a partially inflated balloon, but not “leaking” any air out. I suspect the glue got heated up and produced a gas that then pushed the leather off the foam backing. Leather is heavier than fabric, which may also have contributed.

Ah well, the car still makes me smile, a shame I have to sell it.

Congrats, did he say how he got it out? I think you got off lucky at that price if it turned out well.

Hi Erica,
Yes, he didn’t have to get the windshield out, but found some extra work when the backing foam partly separated and he had to take it all off and glue twice. First new backing foam and then the leather.
It looks like it never happened.

I expect we’ll be seeing more of these. Maybe it’s only an issue with the leather.

I’d imagine so too. My car spent most of its life in a garage and only the last year outside.
If this is a quality issue, we should definitely see some more.

I’m glad it worked out in the end, sorry about the $$$.

Thanks for posting about this and documenting your journey. It adds to our pool of knowledge.

Best of luck with the move!


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