Headrests Inoperative

Just bought a beautiful radiance red 2004 XK8 20,000 miles. When I go to use the headrests on both the drivers and passenger side, they only make a motor “whirring” noise and nothing happen, they will not raise or lower. Also, they are supposed to be manually articulating (fore and aft) headrests but they will not move. Any thoughts?
Thank you. Glad to be back to a Jaguar!


There is a nylon ratchet that has come away from the motor. There is a video by Reverend Sam on utube that will show you exactly how to fix it.:grinning:

And here is the video.

Thank you I will look at it. Much help, I appreciate it!


Very useful video. What I don’t understand is why Jaguar would waste money on motorized head rests, manual works just fine without all this complicated setup!

Agreed: power mirrors? OK, I get that… headrests?


Until the little plastic thingy breaks and you can’t move it up or down. Happened on my X Type. Even the manual stuff breaks.

Prestige old boy, prestige!
And…yet another thing for the Jag service dept to fix when it stops working.

I think you’re right Jon!!