Heads Up: How to spot a Private message (PM)!

(Test account) #1

There are two kinds of messages here on the new Jag-lovers platform: Public, and Private.

Private messages:

  • Are NOT visible to the public.

  • A Private message will ALWAYS be identified by the envelope symbol at the beginning of the title:

  • Notification of a new Private message will always appear as a small coloured symbol, above and to the left of your user symbol, as in this screenshot:

  • To read a Private message you must first expand your user symbol by clicking on it, revealing this:

  • A Private message is indicated by an envelope symbol,either:


  • In this example you can see that I have sent a Private message from my moderator account to my test account, with the subject “Test of PRIVATE Messaging”:

  • If I now click on the example above, the private message will open and appear as:

  • Note please that there is an envelope symbol displayed to the left of the Subject:

  • Below the subject line we have, from left to right, the sender symbol, name, and the age of the message:

  • Then we have the text of the message itself:

  • Below that we have a typical toolbar, then a summary of the message:

  • Below that we have buttons to archive or reply to the private message:

  • If you click on the “Reply” button a composer window will appear, in which you can compose and send a private reply. That window looks like this:

If you are using the Jag-lovers site to forward messages to your personal email, then the subject lint for the message in this example would be: [Jag-lovers Forums] [PM] Test of PRIVATE Messaging.

So please remember, if you see a message and aren’t sure if it is public or private:

If you are in the web interface, look for the envelope symbol.

If you are using email look for [Jag-lovers Forums] [PM]… in the subject line.

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