Heat & A/C problem


1989 XJ6 VP; A/C clutch started making noise then stopped working altogether.Now the heater does not work,no switch lights,auto or manual lights ,no blower switch responce ,nothing.If the A/C does not work then the heat does not work at at all? Thanks for any help.

(Grooveman) #2

Very common problem with a very inexpensive fix.

There is a mechanical microswitch inside the control panel that closes when you turn on the fan. This energizes the the entire system. Yours has failed. You have to remove the wood trim ski slope and pull out the radio/climate control assembly to get to the back of the panel.

Almost any similar size switch will work with a little modification. Cost … about $2.


Here’s the switch. When you get this far you can troubleshoot by pulling the white and green wire off the switch and simply connect them together, then try the fan control again. If everything works it 's the microswitch.

Not sure I see a connection between the noise in the A/C clutch and your switch problem, but fix the switch and see what happens.

The heater and the A/C use the same fans, so no fans no heat.

(motorcarman) #3

Almost 20 years ago Jaguar answered your question!!!

82-38 Climate Control – Panel Assembly.pdf (114.2 KB)


(Grooveman) #4

Bob …

“Almost 20 years ago Jaguar answered your question!!!”

Well they did … but … in true Jaguar tradition they overkilled it !

I don’t remember having to remove the knob (illustration 5) or the switch (illustration 8) to do the replacement. I just drilled out the rivets in place and then used small nuts and bolts (visible in my photo) to secure the microswitch. Easy Peasy.

As far as the 2 anti-vibration screws in the first segment, I’ve never heard of that.