Heat shield for brake fluid reservoirs late S2 a/c ps

Looking to get one of these:

Anyone have a spare one of these (original) heat shields and is willing to part with it? A corner of mine is missing which annoys me.

I‘m aware of the material.

Shipping to South Carolina would suffice, or Germany. Location needed is Germany

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Is that the correct heat shield for the car? Both of my Series IIs had heat shields that consisted of a metal shield with an asbestos insert on the side facing the exhaust manifolds. But both of mine were January 1969 builds. Did Jaguar change the shields during the Series II runs? The shield on your car appears to be one made of fiber similar to the lower heat shield that protects the brake booster.



I believe my heat shield to be the original, made of asbestos? It‘s very thin and has no metall to it.

The heat shield in my 1969 E-Type FHC looks just like John’s. I have seen those heat shields of dozens of E-Types over the years and I have never seen one like yours. However, it looks remarkably similar to the material Jaguar used on the Series III XJ6 and XJ12 in the engine bay and beneath the car.


Again, I think that part changed in the very late SII run.

On XKEdata the other late SII have the thin one:

I have a 1969 F.H.C. W/A.C. I have the same shield that John has W/the metal backing& asbestos. The vehicle was sold new 8-13-69 to the first owner in Tucson, Az. My closest friend at the time bought it from #1 in April, 1970. I replaced shield during a total rebuild & know it to be original.
It also looks to me like you have a metal heat shield over the exhaust manifold? Which I have not seen before on a Series 2. I do not recognize your shield.
Michael Caro

That is very interesting. I am away from home now and can’t check my Parts Catalogues or copy of the E-Type Haddock book. Maybe Jaguar changed the heatshield to accommodate the power steering? Hopefully Jaguar changed the heatshield part number accordingly.



very late in production the cars for the US market changed in multiple details, e.g. emmissions control stuff. I think mine from august 1970 had this thin asbestos shield above the frame rail. Below the frame rail, there is a second shield that had metall towards the exhaust.