Heat shield replacements on S2 4sp, AC, PS - are they available

Hi Folks,

Per my posting of a few weeks, I’d like to find and remove all asbestos.

My mid-69 S2 (no crossover pipe) has the three fluid bottles of a 4sp, along with AC and power steering. I think that means a regular exhaust heat shield will not work.

Has anyone with this configuration found a suitable replacement shield(s) is available?

I am not looking to fabricate a fancy S/S enclosure of the exhaust.


Terrys jag.com has it, C307351, although they show it upside down on the website.

here it is without the AC dryer installed.

Thanks very much Bob.

Which models had a 45 degree bite taken out of the heat shield, like shown in the picture?

Well, mine does (S2 2+2). But only at one end. I am not sure if it’s original or not. The lower shield on mine is badly deteriorated and “obviously” asbestos. The upper one seems more solid and it is less obvious to me if it is original or not. I am assuming it is original and, as I say, it has one 45 degree bite, not two.

my original shield was broken on the front, but I think the back had a slight radius or angle to it.
here are a couple pics. sadly I pitched the original
the overhead picture was from 1979.