Heat soak 94 xjs

94 xjs with lt1 motor. Cat converter is three inches from the starter, would that cause the engine to labor when starting when hot?

Yes. The catalytic converter is the hottest piece in the exhaust system and having it 3" from the starter would be fatal. If you can fashion a shield from thin aluminum and attach to either the starter or the cat, with a little air-space on each side, that will go a long way to increasing the life of your started.


Indeed, and use reflective heat shield material on it, too

DEI is an example.

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GM hot start issues have been around for a very long time. Pre cat times included.

My 79 IHC Scout II had that malady. It’s old tech pancake type cat was downstream!!! The solenoid was activated directly from the ignition. A sold state relay from a Chrysler fixed that.

My LT1 in my XJ has the two cats down stream. But, the center dump horns do heat the starter… No hot start issues, just no more starter!!! Other issues involved. Son wrapped the down pipe in header wrap as some protection…

Oh, my Scout had a tin heat shield!! it sued the old tech big Delco starter.

My lump uses the smaller PM GR type. One hell of a lot easier to R&R!!!.. …


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Another thought.

I seem to recall a blanket as insulation for the starter. Wrap it around the starter.


Thanks for the advice! Went to Summit today and bought heat wraps for starter and cat. C. as well wrap for the exhaust pipe. Will let you know.