Heated seat issue?

Ok so my driver’s seat heater has never worked when I hit the button since I bought it, and the previous owner said it didn’t work for him either. I did pull the seat cover enough to check and yes, I am getting power to the heater when I push the button, but it doesn’t heat. However, oddly l have noticed that on really cold mornings, the seat heater definitely cuts on and starts warming up, then cuts off. It seems to do it automatically without me pushing the button! Is there supposed to be an automatic seat heating setting for when it’s bitter cold? And what would cause it to work without the button, but not with the button even when getting power?

Not sure when they made the change to seat heater operation but there is a range of temp at which it shuts off and/or doesn’t come on IIRC

Oops, disregard Jason. I thought it was an XJS question. Sorry for any confusion

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No worries! I appreciate the reply lol