Heater case oval insert help

I drilled out rivets on original to repair corrosion.
3D printed repop from SNG was $25.
It appears to be made slightly taller.
Does it work fine, or shall I machine it down to original height?
Not really a big deal.

Fit it in place by hand without attaching hardware and see if the flap fits properly flush all the way around or sits at an angle. If it fits you are probably good to go.

Also, if it doesn’t fit you might also send a copy of that picture to SNG to alert them their replacement part doesn’t fit so they can maybe redesign it so it does. If nobody tells them about it they may not realize there is a problem.

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Will do. Thank you.******************

Does it fit in from the bottom so the flange is outside the box? If so you’ll even it out a bit because the flags is clearly thicker. You could also add a gasket between the flags to bring it down farther. It’s possible the original ones weren’t very standard and they modeled it off a taller one.

Flange was inside the box.

I’ll be surprised if the angles line up, but try a test as John suggests. Maybe by some miracle it actually does line up. There is meant to be a thin foam sheet on the flapper bottom so it will make up for a minor gap, but not a major one.

If the only badly corroded spot on the original is what is shown in the picture I’d be more than tempted to break out the wire wheels, MIG welder and angle grinder and repair it. fp

I’m thinking the new one is maybe designed to go on the outside for easier install?

The original is some earley plastic like Bakelite.
It still corroded, but is non metallic.

I got a fiberglass repair kit from a FLAPS, IIRC, cleaned up the flange, applied the fiberglass, sanded, painted it and it now looks like new. So, no fitment problems.

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That was my intention, but for $25…

You could whisk it down to a proper height in a few seconds on a belt sander. Just don’t sand your knuckles off.

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Depends on what method of construction they used Erica if the did a solid fill ….yep if they used a honey comb fill it will more than likely be ruined…. In 3D printing the underlying structure is often honey combed to reduce weight and material ….personally on these I have used fibre glass to repair them and they come up as good as new

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Apparently its nylon.
Belt sanding just melted it like bubble gum.
It is not honeycombed.
I ended up carving it with an exacto knife.