Heater core blocked

Has anybody back flushed a heater core

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I haven’t done a X350, why do you think you need to? Is the heater not performing to your expectations?
My ‘99 X308 has an auxiliary heater pump that over time wore out its brushes and would go to sleep until I went over a big bump, this jolted it into life for a short burst.

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Yes, it is blocked on the driver side full heat on passenger side , my understanding from dealer it is a common problem, they recommend a heater core change out.

I expect they did as, from what I recall, it’s a dash-out job. Big bucks…

Desmond, what model/type of jag do have? X300? X308? X350?

2007 XJ Vanden Plas X350

I believe that the system can be back-flushed. You would need to find someone who knows what they are doing.