Heavy power steering temporary fix

Hi all, I’ve just replaced some fluid on the power steering reservoir after noticing that the steering is sometimes heavy at slow speeds.
Once I have mor time, I’ll do a complete flush.
I guess that the gearbox oil is just as dark as this one, so a fluid change will be done soon.

Jaguar XJ 3.2 Sport X300 heavy power steering - temporary fix

Did this help with the problem?
If not then does the sport have a ZF speed sensitive rack?
If so there is a relay that is meant to adjust the assistance, and it may be worth checking this out.

It did help a bit as it is no longer stiff at slow speeds. Sometimes, but not always, it is a bit heavy when parking, but I’ll have to flush out completely the old fluid first as it’s really old judging be the colour and go from there.

you can use the thick wire with the cap on at the fusebox, as a + power source.

Cheers, I’ll try that!