>>>Hello all, happy to join the group<<<

Just joined.

Looking to link up with other classic Jag lovers.

Have 1968 (1.5) vert dad was in the late stages of restoration before he passed 5 years ago. *Cancer sucks.

Have lofty dreams of completing the restoration as I promised him I would.

Many pictures and even more questions to come I am sure.

Happy to be here,



Welcome Nicole,
Very sorry for your loss, I lost my wife of 41 years last year from cancer, yes cancer sucks! Putting it mildly.
You have come to the right place, this forum is an incredible resource to those of us who have E Types.
Again welcome, if you get a chance post a picture of your car for us.


Yes, welcome to J-L. I think it is a great idea to complete the restoration he started and this forum is a great resource for helping you see that dream through.

Pictures would indeed be welcome. You may also want to find out what local support might be available such as local British car clubs or Jaguar clubs.

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And we are happy to have you here.

Sorry about the loss of your father. Do complete the car, for the both of you.


Welcome Nicole, we’re glad you’re here!! I think you’ll find lots of folks welcome if not anxious to help. Condolences about your father :frowning: I’m glad you’re picking up the torch, we’ll support you.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Dad has completed most of the restoration. I think his goal was concours as the car was all original, I think 36K original miles.

Pictures to come, maybe a few videos, I need to learn how to use this format forum.

Thanks again and glad to hear this is the place to come for any help, as I am sure I will need PLENTY~ :upside_down_face:


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Sorry for your lose…Once done, Enjoy that ride!
Good luck.

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Welcome Nicole! I can personally attest to how much knowledge resides on the forum having made great use of it over the past few years. You have definitely come to the right place and I’m sure everyone here will support you in your efforts to follow through on your promise to your Dad to complete the restoration.


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Welcome Candiece photos can be uploaded via the 7th icon from the left (upward facing arrow) Videos need to be uploaded to Youtube and add a link.

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Welcome to the site. Sorry for your loss, something most of us will have to suffer through.
I have a 70 2+2 that was my dad’s and I bought it from the estate in 92 after he died. I started restoration in 09 after I retired and finished it in 15. Car runs great and is now in storage as I am in a assisted living facility with my wife. Drove the car last week as a matter of fact.
Help is here for the asking and most is spot on , most of us have a good sense of humor.
Regards, Joel.

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You wont find a more knowledgeable gang of folks, in all 24 time zones, so your questions will receive contemporaneous attention!

Good onya, for carrying on the family tradition: I did the same for my E Type.

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Very cool that you still drive it!!! They are incredible cars!

Considering my lack of knowledge, I sure hope there will be copious amounts of humor!

Now I have to figure out how to load pictures. The car was kept in a shop (friend of my Dads). Dad always kept it covered and had everything organized, sadly has been moved several times around the shop and is in a very disorganized (uncovered) state. :rage:

Going to start going out one evening a week and begin the tedious process of going through items and develop a game plan.

My Dad said he had ordered all parts needed for the completion of the restoration but worried many things have been misplaced/lost. Wondering if I can reach out to XKE unlimited and explain my situation if they could provide a list of all the products he purchased.

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Do you have any reference books That show lots of pictures of the cars? Those would be helpful.

Do you mean XKs unlimited. That probably depends on how long ago he purchased them if they will let them out at all. It can’t hurt to ask. Complicating matters, possibly, is that they we re bought by Moss a year or two ago so old records may have been thrown away. There’s not a big pile of receipts somewhere in the garage?

Great looking car.

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My father kept EVERYTHING. We had many conversations about the car, and the old parts, receipts, he kept and journaled EVERYTHING and took pictures of everything. Unfortunately many things are missing. This is a massive shop so there is no telling where things went. :pensive:

My Dad’s “friend” had promised my father he would complete what little was left of the restoration, but since it has not had any progress on work, I am stepping in, despite my complete lack of knowledge as to where to start. :see_no_evil:

You might consider asking if there’s any Jag Lover folks nearby, so they can help you look.

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And Yes, XK’s unlimited.

I will contact them later today. Just placed an order for a new catalog.

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Wow, looks like you Dad did great work. Looks like you are close to getting it back on the road. JS Atlanta, GA.

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