Hello All! New member!

New to the site. Already became a patreon member. I will be picking up my 1990 Sovereign Thursday. Already drove it. Needs TLC, mostly in the interior. Engine and tranny in great shape. Always wanted a jaguar. The reason for finally taking the dive is because of forums like this. I am a member of another car forum and the information was so useful. I stumbled upon this one and found the same, friendly and knowledgeable type people! Here is a photo of it:

My name is Lamarr

Hi Lamarr, welcome to the forum. FYI this one is for the earlier Series 1,11 and 111 XJ’s I’ll move it to the correct XJ40 forum
This is an easy mistake as the cars carry a similar designation but they are totally different under the skin.

Ooops, my bad! Thanks!

Welcome Lamarr. The car looks great in your pic, but then you did say the interior is what’s mainly in need of work. You are right in believing you will find expert, eager to help, polite, and kind folks on this forum. I’ve been helped numerous times, but have also been helped by reading past posts. There’s a ton of material!


Welcome. You might want to add your location to your information, We won’t always be able to see your California license plate.

Enjoy the ride…

Thanks John, I did put in my location when I signed up. Not sure why its not posted. I will try again.