Hello all, newbie from wa state with a dilemma

Hello All,

My name is Eric Schutte. I have a 1994 XJ12 (XJ81) sedan with a 6.0l V12. I bought the car with 113000 miles on it and it had sat for quite a few years before I bought it. I just took it to a Jag technician and to get the things fixed that I can see it was 5000.00. Thats parts and labor and I knew when I bought the car I had a lot of things to fix. The engine and transmission appear good, but ABS, SLS, Oil Cooler hoses and several other smaller items need replaced. So I ask you, cut my losses and try to sell it as is, part it out, or try to make this car awesome again?

Any feedback would be great!



If you decide to keep it, do one thing at a time. First thing, get her drive able. That sounds like it has to be the ABS issue first up. What are the ABS problems?

Hi Larry, technician says accumulator and modulator need replaced.

Not having done this job (yet) on my own car, so I’m not sure what the modulator is.

I do know there are lots of threads on replacing the accumulator sphere and that GM brand spheres can be picked up for not too much money …the sphere loses pressure over time and is most often the problem with ABS.

What are the symptoms that lead the mechanic to diagnose the accumulator and modulator are at fault? Hard brake pedal? Warning light constantly lit?

Hi Larry,

Yes the accumulator empties with only 2 pumps of the pedal and the ABS warning light is on all the time. If you are OK with it, I will tryto see if I can figure out how to cut and paste the emails I got from the technician. I really appreciate all your help.


How are the cosmetics? Paint, leather, chrome, etc? That’s where the serious money comes in. And a Jag with ratty cosmetics will never be awesome :slight_smile:


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Hi Doug,

Paint is shot, chrome is good, leather is ok but needs cleaned, veneer on some panels is ok, some panels need replaced.