Hello Jag community (New XK8 owner)

Hi all, just created an account tonight and wanted to say hi. Im in Colorado, I use to have a 97 XK8 convertible and have always missed it aside from it being a convertible, I always wanted a coupe. A couple months ago I got one from Bring a trailer its a 2006 with 38k miles. It spent most of its life in Palm Springs. When it arrived home I changed the upper/lower control arm bushings, upper strut mount bushings, new sway arm links and bushings, new front shocks, new side markers, removed the chrome wheels for refurbished Atlas wheels fixed a few electronic gremlins, new trunk gas struts. Still rides a little rough for all that ive done so trying to hunt that down and has a airbag light on I can’t figure out but I absolutely adore it and am glad its back in my life. I’ll upload pics as soon as I can since im new and it wont let me


Hi Nick, welcome to the forums, I’m moving your post to the appropriate forum as this one is for the early XK (120,140 and 150)

Got it, thanks


You will want to become very good friends with @Jeff_Schroeder!

We are both fellow Coloradans.

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oh very cool, looks like he only works on Jags up to 1996 though :frowning: , I’ve been doing most of my work at a friends shop but would absolutely love to pick some brains of people who are very familiar with these.

I was thinking of joining the rocky mountain Jag club, would be really nice to meet you and your guys cars.

Jeff’s yer boy, then: I don’t do car clubs.

I will be attending the finish of The Great Race, in CoSpgs, 2July, with the JeeType.

Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Awesome, we’ll I appreciate you reaching out, take car!

That’s a WONDERFUL coupe! I am in to process of “habilitating” my 2000 XK8 Coupe. On April 2nd, I’ll be replacing the timing chains/tensioners. After that I’ll " piecemeal it back together. (The “Topaz” color of the XK8 Coupe is superlative in nature. :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:

Beautiful XK8 you have! :+1:

Thank you!