Just wanted to say hello.

I have subscribed to the concours list because I run the e-type list and
concours questions seem to come up all of the time.

As a matter of fact, we have a FAQ on JCNA judging on my web page that
might have something of interest to someone.

George Cohn
'70 OTS


Hi all – TNX MUCH to all who’ve helped create this effort – it’ll be
valuable indeed across the world as we continue to get better in our
judging efforts! This is a long one – I suggest you print out for

FIRST: For those of you who don’t know me, I’m

JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMERICA (JCNA) “carded” judge, #06020892
Member and Chief Judge, SACRAMENTO JAGUAR CLUB
Member, JAGUAR DRIVERS’ CLUB LTD, England, #317847
Member, JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB, England, # unknown
9027 Newhall DR
Sacramento CA 95826, USA
(916) 36309561

I’ve been in the SACRAMENTO JAGUAR CLUB since '78 (a founding member), and
thus in JCNA since then. I’ve been a JCNA judge all these years; those of
you who’ve read the JAGUAR JOURNAL (JCNA’s bimonthly publication) over the
years may recall my debates with Mike Cook re: authenticity, standards,

SECOND – responses to date:

To George Cohn, gwcohn@azstarnet.com – Hi George; tnx for joining the
concours list – your instincts are exactly right; there’ll be a LOT of
info on the E-Types here!

To John Elmgreen, 100353.1733@CompuServe.COM – Hi John; your comments on
judging (particularly JCNA), are well taken indeed. Ongoing battles, etc.
based primarily on what was TRULY original, which in many cases can’t be
definitively answered because Jaguar wasn’t thinking of us 30-40-50 years
on, and used what was there at the time to keep the line going.

THIRD – comments on the first Concours Digest, Vol. 01 # 003, dated 5/24,
rec’d 5/23:

To Chip Weems, weems@cs.umass.edu, Dick Cavicke, <f8driver@pacbell.net,
Steve Kemp, skemp@sprintmail.com – Hi Chip, Dick, Steve – to date, I’ve
seen NOTHING specific about Class 18 from JCNA or anywhere else. Until we
KNOW what’s wanted, I can only join the list of questioners. For example,
my Mk IX, 791817 BW (named RHETT for Rhett Butler of “Gone With The Wind”
– grace, elegance, and a touch of arrogance) is an unrestored original,
except for tyres, belts, batteries, sparking plugs, oil filter, oil – the

Tyres – the Mk IX Spare Parts Catalogue, p/188, calls out C.14384, Dunlop
6.70" x 16" Road Speed R.S.4; the Mk IX Operating, Maintenance and Service
Handbook, (owner’s manual), p/vii, calls calls out Type: 6/50/6.70 x 16
Road Speed. I’m using Denman 6:50 x 16 with the 4 1/8" whitewall with the
rib, as close as one can come to the original Dunlop, which hasn’t been
made for 20 years or so.

Belts – the Mk IX Spare Parts Catalogue, p/13, calls out C.16395, Belt for
Fan Pulley for Use Only on Cars fitted with C.48 Dynamo. Not available;
I’m using Chief Auto Parts # 17395, which is a dead match.

Batteries – the Mk IX Spare Parts Catalogue, p/384, calls out C.14495,
54028344-FG.11/E. Not available, Lucas doesn’t make batteries any more;
I’m using two “generic” 6v black batteries, #17HF, exactly the correct
size, because they look good & work well.

Sparking plugs – The Mk IX Spare Parts Catalogue, p/23, calls out C.2460,
Sparking Plug, Champion N.5. Not available (altho I have an original N.5
in the left toolbox!); I’m using Champion’s modern equivalent, RN12YC.

Oil filter – The Mk IX Spare Parts catalogue, p/10, calls out 1550,
Element, FG.2421. Not available; I’m using Coopers # G281, fits exactly
and works well.

Oil – Using Castrol GTX 20/20 because it’s the best modern oil I can find
for the 3.8; very satisfied.

In 8 years of showing in JCNA Concours Class 8, I’ve NEVER had a
non-authentic deduction for the above; in fact, 792817 BW received the 1996
JCNA Nationals 3rd-place trophy with a composite score of 97.11667.

My BIG question for Class 18 is: Will JCNA allow replacement of
expendables that are equivalent to original items which are no longer

Take care my friends – Larry Martz