Help ID relay please

I always have to ask, because like JB I don’t remember like I used to…

What is this 6RA style relay mounted on 86 US pass side fender wall?

Looks like the air switching module…which isn’t a relay. Not in the usual sense, at least.

Does it actually say 6RA on it?


Hi Doug… yes it has 6RA on it… and I will whip out the electrical diagram to find the wire colrs

Thanks Doug… apparently the item I posted is indeed the Air Switching Module that used to have a sticker on it… mine long gone. I verfied with one of my wiring diagrams.

And speaking of wiring diagrams, I have the original diagram that came with the car in 86, but I like this one for this particular scope. Not fully inclusive but seems to have lots of the sensors, ECU and relay interactions.

I honestly do not recall where I found this picture but very useful!

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From the S57 wiring guide