Help Identify this Window Crank Mechanism

I have two slightly different window crank mechanims in my pile of parts for my 63 FHC. The difference is best explained by the picture. One of them has a square shaft extending from it where the chrome crank handle would be attached. The other one just has a large flat nut and with a large rubber grommet behind it. The remainder of the mechanisms appear to be identical. I am 99% certain I need the one with the square shaft but does anyone have an idea what the other one is for?

I believe that the type with the large flat nut is used on the Series 3s and S2/S1.5 2+2s. That makes me think that they might also be used on the S1 2+2s (didn’t you restore one before?), but the SNGB web site says otherwise.

Nope. Nothing like that on my S1 2+2. Thanks for the ID!!!

my 64 came with the one on the right. My handle shaft guide caps were worn and I replaced them with substantially similar ones I got from John Farrell. I believe he said they were Mk2. I had to swap them around since although basically the same design, the arms had a slightly different length to the e-type ones.

Could be from any number of 60’s British cars.

The ones on the MGB I’m restoring look a fair bit like that. They go with the black plastic winders that fit the big hex nut.

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My very original 8/20/68 FHC has the big handle nut on the left .

Thanks for all the replies!!!

S-3’s have the big nut on the left also.

My '69 2+2 has winders like the one on the left. But you’ll have to settle for memory, I’m not going to pull a card to verify.

The winder on the left was used starting with the series 1.5 OTS/Coupe. The one on the right was Series 1. I don’t knnow about the 2+2 cars, but the winder attach changed with the change in door handles.