Help identifying bulkhead holes - 59 XK150 RHD

Hi All,
I’m still plodding along in my restoration; bolting bits and pieces into the engine bay before the engine is dropped in.

I have a cluster of 3 welded nuts on the LHS (from inside the car) firewall. They are welded on the engine side, so I expect they are to mount something inside the car, under the dash and above the transmission tunnel.

I’ve checked through Viarts’s book and cannot find an image of them… Any ideas anyone?
(Ive put three SS bolts in them to show the location from inside the car.)

Cheers, Jon.

I should know exactly what they are for but good guess part of the LHD accelerator linkage setup transferring pedal from left to right hand side

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Hi Jon,

No such nuts/holes/bolts in my car. Mid '59, FHC LHD.


My rhd 1960 has the same 3 nuts…thought its too low for the LHD throttle linkage but cant find a photo of one…also thought it would be for something to fit inside the car and the nuts are on the engine side…possible radio bracket? …Steve

Thanks for checking Steve & Clive. At least I now know it wasn’t some modification by the PO. Radio bracket is a possibility…

Hi Jon…just looking a my old photos …this black trim panel is held in place by 2 of the bolts…bit heavy handed useing bolts for such a small piece. …the panel was trimmed in rexine which i removed…Steve

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I’ve been on Jag Lovers for 22 years and I note that these conversations is what makes us different from the trailer queen owners who know little more than how to write a check. Most of us are in the gray hair category and I really hope the younger generations carry on the tradition and heritage.


Bonus content; I now know where that funny shaped rectangular bit of trim goes too!

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Undersigned is in the no-hair category…

I wish I had white hair.



simple answer. given 3 bolt holes they were trying to secure something reasonably well.
It is the cable and bracket for auto trans selector!

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Thanks Terry - definitely not something I need to worry about then.
Cheers, Jon.

So it’s item 21, C.14835 Bracket for fixing cable to scuttle.
From Aug '58 onwards.

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Hi Jon, sorry for coming in late on this thread, have been away. The heater pip0e that connect to the heater valve in your picture is normally fitted to the firewall with stand off brackets which will give a close to vertical pipe connection to the heater valve. I recently replaced that pip-e on a friends 150 so I hope a picture I have will come through .
JohnProcessing: Heater tube standoff bracket.pdf…

Hi John,
Thanks for the information about the bracket; I didn’t realise I was missing one. Unfortunately your picture didn’t come through; the link isn’t working :frowning:

I had amassed a collection of XK firewall images to use as reference, but I must have missed it altogether…
Cheers, Jon.

Hi Jon, you need two brackets, I will try again to send a picture.
XK150 S

Hi John, (and everyone else)
I thought I’d better post a reply here, in case everyone thought that I ghosted you.
We had been talking off-forum and John kindly sent me photos of the bracketry for the heater pipes.
This is a bit of thread-drift from the original post, but still of help to me, and hopefully of help to others:

I’ve attached them here:

For the recent post about "Help Identifying Pipe - XK One of John’s photos shows another image of the vacuum booster pipe in place.