Help identifying parts

(Thomas Cummings) #1

I know “what” these parts are, but I do have questions about their application on my car, originally a 1976 XJ12.

This is some sort of vacuum storage canister, it was located inside the passenger side wheel well near the radiator support. It has just one hose connection and was not attached to anything. Maybe it was needed for the V12 but not used on my lump?

This is a washer pump that was located on the forward side of the drivers side radiator support. There is already another washer pump in the engine compartment - did they offer headlight squirters in 1976? There were no hoses or other hardware.

(Doug Dwyer) #2

First one is a vac reservoir for the power brakes. Or, at least that’s what it was use for on Series III V12 cars

Not sure about headlight squirters on a Series II. However, I’ve seen some cars where a new washer pump had been fitted in an alternate location when the original pump died. The original can be tricky to remove so some owners just abandon it in place, apparently