Help identifying tach and clock

I’ve searched these part numbers but came up empty.
Can anyone tell me what car they are for please?
Thanks, and good luck with your Jaguars,

There’s a C20084 Taco on Amazon being sold as for the 2.4

Interesting. Lots of Smiths tachs etc. What is EPC (the apparent vendor; can’t find on Google except referring to Amazon)?

Hi Robert.
I attach a photo of the rear of a mark 2 Jaguar rev-counter and clock
The clock has a date in ink on the left side and CE1111/01 on the face and it will have negative or positive earth depending on the year(marked on the rear)
The rev counter has RV7413 just under the silver centre which matches one of the
numbers on your box. I believe that a 3.4 or 3.8 is a likely match or possibly a 3.8 Mark 9
with electronic sender unit (some were cable)

The handwritten stuff on the tacho box says “RV-7413/0 (last digit illegible) w/clock
3.8 II 61.9”

Unfortunately the Smiths part number RV-7431/0? is also obscured on the picture of the tacho itself. For a Mk2 3.8 from September 1961 I think the missing numeral might be a 0 or a 2.

My 1960 Mk2 3.4 has RV7403/00.

It’s not for a Mk9. It’s later than that.

Hello again, and thank you for all your replies.
Sorry for the delay responding, I had to be away for a short while.

Here’re are pic’s the back, and the Smith’s #.

I guess this is really a rare one. Thank again,

Instead of saying it’s rare, I should have said I know nothing about identifying these. I will learn!