Help in identifying

Not sure if this is from a Series 2 or Series 3 E-type but I can’t find a reference. Help is needed to identify.

At first I thought it was the holder for the Lucas 5-way connector found behind the RH headlight (S3). Appears not to be the case. Maybe a Mud Shield Bracket?
This may be a left over from a 1970 coupe I had many years ago. Going through my parts to identify non-S3 components which I will sell.
Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

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It might be an exhaust bracket at the rear for the resonator, the frame rail clamps for mud shields I believe are alum
its cadmium plated steel so something heavy

Thanks Jim. I’ll research that as soon as I find my other parts resources.

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This one is gonna bother me almost as much as its gonna bother you.
I know I have seen that configuration.

In the for-what-it-is-worth category, I can tell you it is NOT

the bracket that supports brake/clutch bottle

the four brackets that wrap around the frame rails and support the mud shields; they are thinner and one leg is at 90 degrees while the other is not

it is clearly not the coil bracket

nor the bracket that supports the header tank on the cross bar

nor the sway bar bracket

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Maybe …… bracket that goes over the rail to support bottom of heater bracket!

Well I’ve been all over my car in the last year and I don’t recognize that one but mines a series one,…your right it’s not a hydraulics bottle clamp
It smells of electrical component holder to me
The bolt looks like it’s the torsion bar retainer in the lower wish bone I think that the head is 5/16
Now I’m thinking there’s something about it but I can’t place it , up in the dash maybe …mines open right now I’ll look tomorrow. Cars remote location to home

Maybe a harness holder around the steering An electrical connector in the steering column area under the dashboard there’s a whole bunch of wires there


I scanned through my photos of the disassembly of my 72 Series III and I’m pretty sure I found it.

I stopped too soon when I was searching my shelves for the mystery piece. My header tank is on a high shelf and I grabbed the first bracket I could reach. Hence the photo above of the bracket for the header tank.

Check out this photo:

The bracket on the left is the one I attached a few posts back
The bracket on the right is – I think – the mystery bracket. It holds one end of the re-located ignition amplifier out of the valley and under the header tank in the flow of air from the cooling fans. If you have the relocation kit for the amplifier, I think it’s a near lock.

After I run some errands, I’ll check that upper shelf in my shop and see if I can lay hands on it and post some measurements to be sure.


The bracket looks a little different but I was going to suggest something around the picture frame area. Jim


You nailed it!!! Opus relocation kit bracket. That kit isn’t listed in the RTC parts manual but probably covered in a Bulletin. I’ll dig through them later.
Your pictured bracket appears to be identical. I have a complete OPUS relocation kit so, hopefully, that bracket will be in there.
Thanks to all for your great input. Great Forum with VERY helpful enthusiast.

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That’s exactly what it is on my Ser 3. It held my XR-700 for 15 years.