Help me identify these wires - 2001 XKR

I’ve attached a picture below. This is just aft of the gas tank. There are wires that come down through the gromet in the rear parcel shelf and look like they had a connector which is now no more.

Next to them is what I’m assuming is supposed to be a subwoofer on the rear parcel shelf. It has connectors (female) on both sides of it, but is attached to nothing, nor any evidence of the male connectors.

I am assuming these wires are probably supposed to go to this speaker/subwoofer, but have no connector. Could someone else take a look and take a picture to help identify what’s going on here? For reference, this is a 2001 XKR.

Does this help?


Yes, it looks like that is it. Thanks, Eric! Now the real question… why were they disconnected?

On mine (convertible, so has two separate units) both cones blown. A common problem, I’m told. Just makes a horrible rattling noise on bass notes. A bit unkind to cut the plug off though unless the PO was trying to pull the cable back through a hole the plug wouldn’t go through.

My guess would be that a P/O had an after-market sound system that he took out for another car.

The car doesn’t appear to have ever been fitted with an aftermarket radio. The factory one is in there, and still in nice condition.

I’ll fiddle with it some more… maybe tomorrow or in the coming weeks… and see what I can find.