Help needed to remove Mk2 dash timbers

(old jag man) #1

Hi Guys. I have my 1964 Mk2 Jag interior completely striped out bar the glove box surround and the other end section containing the speedo and rev counter.
Have the top rail removed. Center dash dropped down and the pair of short self tappers removed from vertical sides left and right. Very small cross head screw removed behind outer side of glove box. Looking up from behind there appears to be no access to remove 2 other screws to the outer aspect which I think would release the unit .
I expect the driver side to be worse due to the steering column restricting access from behind.
Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

(Andrew Waugh) #2


Did you read the shop manual?

The outer face of the flocked glovebox interior pulls out… and those screws are dead easy to remove once you do that.

(I struggled with this once, a long, long time ago.)

The driver’s side is easy, take the instrument out.

(old jag man) #3

Thanks Andrew. When I opened the glove box door I noticed the side panel was removable which gave me some access to the side retaining screws. Right hand side now also removed.