Help please, exhaust bracket measurement

I will shortly be at the stage of fitting a custom exhaust to the Low Drag project. At present the aluminium boot floor doesn’t have the rear pipe brackets fitted, nor an indication of where they fit. I accept the bracket will be central but don’t know how far forward from the vertical number plate area. Can anyone, in a position to do so, please supply this measurement? Thanks Pat

You need measurements off of a Series I, correct?

John, yes please, should have made that clearer. Thanks

Hi Pat,
I’m in the process of repairing the boot floor, the strengthening ribs, and the rear pipe bracket of my Series 1. The bracket holding the bolts is mounted inside the channel of the center rib as viewed from underneath. Using a flexible ruler, the rearward 5/16-24 bolt is 20 7/16" from the vertical number plate surface. The bolts are 1.250" center to center.

Cheers, Richard

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John, many thanks that’s exactly what I need.

Thanks, but Richard deserves the praise. :grin:

Oops, my bad. Thank you Richard.