Help! Real issues with my 2010 xf and no idea what to do

Hello! I’m looking for advice, experience and wisdom here.

Recently I went away leaving my 2010 xf on the drive, when I returned home I couldn’t get into the car via the keyless entry or even using the fob to unlock the car.

I’ve got into the car via the key blade but still nothing, no starting and no unlocking the car.

So I’m guessing it’s the battery, I’ve hooked up the charger and yeah there’s barely any charge, I can get the battery up to around 6 vaults but then the car starts flickering, all lights, interior lights, break lights and it begins to lock and unlock its self.

This (what I can only assume) surge in power immediately takes the V back down to around 5.7/5.4 not allowing me to ever get higher (this was over around an hour) I’m not sure what to do next?

The logical answer would be to disconnect the battery and charge it, which I can do by all means, but I don’t think it fixes the problem.

Outside of the holiday the car is driven daily so I’ll be able to keep charge but again I think this is all a massive issue just waiting to get worse

Any tips or help would be really appreciated, I just want my car back, it’s been so long without the simple freedom the car gives me and to be honest I’m just starting to get a bit beaten up by the entire situation

Thank you

Welcome to the forums, later Jaguars are notorious for dis-liking low voltages.
Take the leads off and charge the battery to start with, it may just be at end of life and unable to hold a charge anymore, how old is the battery?

Can you jump start it drive around for a bit then if it starts again it may be good, if it doesn’t, new battery…

You might get lucky, but if I had to bet, I’d say that battery is toast. Take it out and get it tested, and if good, charged. As others have said, these cars are notorious for being very picky about voltages. Currently your car is WAY under the threshold.