Help to indentify MK V part

Hi, my father has been working on and off with a very rusty basket case he bought in the seventies. He has speeded up lately and soon it is actually ready for its MOT. He has two cast aluminium parts that he cannot understand where they should fit but he is certain they belong to the car which is a 1950 3,5L RHD. I would appreciate if any of you MKV owners could tell us where it fits or even better post a picture.

Is yours a DHC or a saloon?
I have a saloon on which I am nearing completion on my restoration and I don’t recognize them.

I’m not absolutely sure, but I’m wondering if they could be the sealing fillets used at the bottom of the doors on later saloons. Mine is 627933 so it does not have them.

Or if yours is a later DHC it would have these.

It is a saloon but I will have to come back with the chassis no, even if he showed it to me today… We thought the shape was similar to the front bottom end of the front doors. My thought was that they bolt to the floor of sill but they did not seem to fit. We never tried to fit it on the door bottom but I guess that could be a possibility. Let me check the chassis no first and I will let you know.

Got the number but should look like yours. Could it possibly have been a later TB to retrofit them? I have to say they could belong to something else but they came together with all loose parts for the car which was surprisingly complete.

Rob is correct. They were also sometimes fitted to Saloons, as I found one fitted to the front door of a car I dismantled.

Maybe for saloons this was an after-sales item to address leaks/noise…

Jon is correct. It was a modification that could have been also done to earlier cars if the customer requested it.

Service Bulletin #67 issued July 1950
2-1/2 and 3-1/2 Litre Mark V Models
Front Door Sealing

To overcome complaints of draughts a modification has been introduced to improve the sealing at the base of the front doors on Mark V cars.
The modification consists of the fitting of cast aluminum sealing fillets, Part No. BD.4768 for left hand (nearside) front door, and Part No. BD.4769 for right hand (offside) front door, to the base of the door panels as shown on the drawing; the fillets being secured by two 1" No. 6 self-tapping screws, Part No. BD.539/3, and one 3/4" No. 6 self-tapping screws, Part No. BD.539/2 per side.
The necessary parts will be issued on a free of charge basis on an order being placed quoting the chassis number of the car for which they are required.

Apparently there was a drawing to go with this SB but I don’t have it.

I am very interested to learn more about this modification, so I would love to see more pictures of the parts.
What country are you in?

Thanks a lot for your help and comments. We are in the south of Sweden and the car was sold new here. I will ask my father to send me some better pictures that I can post here.

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Some more pictures.

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Thanks! This is fascinating, to think that I’ve owned my Mark V since 1969, and this is the first time I have ever seen these fillets.
I also notice that the parts for the DHC are different, and that the Service Bulletin does not mention them. Perhaps because the DHC was such a small portion of the production, and perhaps they were all already receiving them.
I’ll be interested to see a photo when you get them installed on the car.


Maybe once or twice a month, Rob, I learned something about E Types that I never knew before, and Jaguars in general. I’d worked on/owned Jaguars for 50 years, and a lot of that was just… Fix the thing!

I didn’t worry about the minutiae, lots of which I have learned about during my time here.