Help, where does this piece come from?

A mechanic dismantled the engine, gearbox and clutch. He put everything back together and this part remains? Thank you for your ideas

Assuming that we’re looking at a broken piece from a steel spacer ring with six holes in it I don’t recognise it being a part from an XK120 drive train. I suspect it’s a piece of junk from some other job the mechanic has done.

Could it possibly be the balance weight for the cooling fan?

No. The cooling fan is secured by only four bolts, plus the balance weights feature slots as opposed to holes:

That is the problem with relying upon memory.

Especially someone else’s memory who disassembled the engine (the mechanic disassembled and reassembled the engine and gearbox).


If this ring isn’t made of metal, it might be (the remains of) a gasket from a Lucas Horn: either for Wind Tone WT 29 / WT614 type used on the XK 120 or the HF1748 of the XK 140/150. I have to check the diameters of the two types.

Bob K.

Could be … though I think the horns are nominally 5” in diameter, or close to 13 cm. Worth checking anyway.

As long as we’re offering wild guesses, I’ll guess that it’s a gasket for the screen in an XK140 oil sump.

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Nick’s right on the Wind Tone, 5" diameter gasket.

Thank you for your research and suggestions. Finally, doesn’t this part come from the oil pump?

That is an oil pick up from the pump into the sump. Please tell us that it wasn’t left over as well.

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Yes, if the so-called mechanic left that out, don’t run the engine at all.
Take off the oil sump and see what else is missing.
oil_pumps 001

Could it be the gasket of the later oil sensor blank plate of the XK120 sump? I dont have the XK nearby where I could measure.
Alban whats your car/engine?

Best regards Thomas

That blanking plate does have six holes for the screws/studs but it’s only 3” (7.6 cm) in diameter.

XK 120 FHC 1952

I have seen this somewhere and it may come to me. It would have been to stiffen a cover where it screwed down and to spread the clamping force. Likely there would be two of them, one for the other side.

What material is it made from?

There was a pair of these in the engine gasket kit I got for my XK120. I have no idea where they belong.


not on an xK120 it is the gasket for filter gauze in sump of XK140 150