Help with 1968 e-type arm rests

The dreaded previous owners of my e-type 2+2 put ford arm rests on this car. I had obtained 2 sets of arm rests, the rounded, multi-part and the single, rectangular arm rests, but have found that the mounting holes in the arm rests measure 5-1/2 inches, but the door mountings are 6-1/2 inches. Does anyone know the PN or where to source the correct arm rests?

SNGB sells them I believe.

Skinner UK sells them, too. With or without leather covers.

Edit: i spoke a little hastily. I got them for my ots. Don’t know if 2+2 is different.

For a US spec '68 model year Series 1.5, the OTS and Coupe didn’t have arm rests. I can’t speak to the 2+2 though.

As I understand it there a 4 variants of armrest, firstly the 3.8 same as xk150 round type, then the BMC Austin 1100 Maxi angled type used through to S3 and for some 2+2’s a ong slender type with a small amount of chrome in the pull section. The fourth variant was none, some E type didn’t have armrests fitted.

Thanks for all the input, I’m thinking maybe my car did not come with arm rests…but I will see what Skinners and SNG have to say…

Like in the below picture? My late January 1969 2+2 had them. Every other armrest I paid attention to looked trapezoidal so I assumed mine weren’t original to the car.

Yes, that is the one I’m looking for! Thanks!

I have never seen that style of armrest before. The armrests for 2+2’s I have seen are very tapered at either end. I will have a look on XKE Data for examples.

From XKE Data a picture showing the style of armrest I am familiar with for a 2+2 (not S3). Car Number 1E50112. If you have the patience you could trawl through and find a better photo.


Hi…these are the armreast from my 69 S2 2+2 the measurement is 5 1/2 between fixing holes…one of mine was loose and held at one end with a self tap screw…when i removed the doorcard there were 3 locations for fixing moulded into the door…at one end one fix point and at the other end 2 fixing points 1in apart. So 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 remove your door card and have a look… Steve

S1 2+2

I always thought the armrest was to roll down the window and rest my arm on top of the door. I am surprised you all have not been killed by your fancy armrests and door handles and wheel spinners and toggle switches and headlight covers and shiny steering wheels since the US government says they were dangerous in 1968.

68 E-type FHC

Yep, same as used on the S3 2+2, available from SNGB. Part No. BD36016/7

My experience matches Pat’s and is probably the reason the fixing holes are 6.5" apart as the 2+2 torpedo shape is longer. My OTS S3 had the shorter style so they had standardized by then. The rectangular one is probably off something else?

The early long 2+2 style is the same as one of the Jag sedans of the time. MkX maybe?

Neither have I, except on my car, which is why I always thought they were not original. But, some very knowlegable concours judges, like Mike Mueller, never noted them as being improper, so I honestly don’t know if they were correct or not. The screw spacing was correct for the two outermost mounting points; 6.5" .

If I could find another pair I’d install them in the FHC, correct or not. They are better for closing the doors than the door panels with no armrests, IMO.

The drawing in J38 the 2+2 spares book is as Pat describes, not like yours and the other guy’s. I agree, even with the right S2 screw and spacer to firm up the door pocket, it still feels like the door card will pull off in your hand

Hi Peter, I have a spare parts manual, but it does not include J38, do you know where I might find that plate? Or, is there a part number for the torpedo armrest you mentioned?

Thanks everyone for all your replies!

J38 is the entire 2+2 spares book. I bought it in ring binder form from Barratt’s as the first item of many items since.

Plate 51 shows BD26078/BD26079 (L & R armrests)

I wanted to thank everyone for their support on this. I sourced the arm rests from Skinner in the UK. They were (somewhat) reasonably priced, and look great!