Help with a 95 XJR

Hello, first of all sorry for my English because I am not a native speaker! So, my father have a 95 jaguar xjr 4.0 Supercharger that he bought and we love that car! But now it is in the garage because it started giving us too much problems and we are trying to figure out what is happening. The car started to failling and misfire a lot specially when we drove it through water and sometimes would stall. After checking the fuses/relays and connectors we Discover that the ecu connector was in bad shape with corrosion. We fixed that but after we installed everything the car wont crank and the automatic transmission light on the dash is on. Any ideas of what can be?

If the water got sucked up the intake pipe
Your engine is toast.
If not you have a transmission harness connector on the left side of the transmission
Pull the plug cleaner the connections and the ground you might be surprised!