Help with ABS warning lights

Hi can someone please help a friend of mine ? Here is his question.
Could you ask your friends in the Forum what they think the problem is and what can be done. The photos show the amber ABS warning
light on and the Traction Control Fail light and the Stability Control Fail light flashing on alternately every few seconds. Is this the ABS hydraulic control unit and the control module failing? Could it be a sensor? What remedies can l try as l’m guessing this is an MOT fail problem. The diagnostics also picked up a gearbox overheating message which is longstanding and l don’t think is real.-the box has twice had the drum clutch replaced and oil replaced .Can the two be connected?

Hi Jim,
First off disconnect the battery leads and hold them together for <> 30 seconds that should erase the Trans code if it’s no longer pertinent.
Next we would need to know the codes that are being found, it could be dirty sensors on the wheels or a few other things.


There are several ways to temp cure or longer cures. 1) Put car on a lift, compressed air blow brake dust off
thoroughly, from all directions. 2) Nock of dust via Rubber hammer fairly lightly by hitting back of brakes with wheels off.
3) Send sensor to rebuild shop for a less costly longer cure 4) Take car up to about 30 - 40 miles an hour and step hard on
brakes, try to lock them up, maybe a few times, watch out for making flat spots on your tires 5) Go for broke by having Jaguar
do it with new parts. I’m using #1, my local tire store has done for me several times over the years.
Number 1 and 3 are the best, less costly for a TEMPORARY cure. you’ll have to search for a shop or another reader may know
where one is located. Thought one was in the mid-west and one in the southwest.
Hope someone else can chime in and help you.

Bob Allen

Thanks to those who responded . Took it to J.A.G. in Bilston UK today ,here is the vid .