Help with Crash Padding Assemblies - Hockey Sticks

The Crash Rolls changed shape and how they fit around the rear quarter windows several times. My car did not have Crash Rolls when I bought it. I bought some from a March, 1962 car. That is what I am using.
These only go over the window and do not wrap around the rear of the window like later cars. It ends is a “fan” shape right close to the hatch opening. It attaches like other Crash Rolls with #4 sheet metal screws. At the front of my Crash Rolls is a square cut-out. Where that cutout sits when held in place in my car are two screw holes in the body. Screws put into those holes will do nothing to hold the Crash Roll.

Has anyone experience with this and can you tell me how this old style Crash Roll is suppose to attach to the A-pillar?

Perhaps @Clive_Wilkinson has seen this?

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My 64 pillar trim attaches to the car with pop in clips similar to the door card. I think either 4 or 5 in total. The hole you see midway up, is where the mounting leg of the clip pokes though. I covered the legs with gaffer’s tape when I had the clips lined up and installed on the car. That secures them and makes them easier to install again.

There are no screws used to mount it. The things that take screws are the chrome semi circles, and little pie shaped black ornament that goes over the chrome, plus on the passenger side the chrome bracket for the grab handle screws through the pillar trim, into the pillar.

I can’t remember fully but I seem to recall the passenger pillar trim having that rectangular cutout for the grab handle bracket, and the driver’s side only having a couple small holes for the chrome corner trim.

Was your car ever a RHD model? The two holes I’m seeing peeking through the rectangular cutout appear to be spaced suspiciously like the ones needed to mount the grab handle bracket. Maybe all bodies were drilled on both sides though.

That cut out is where the grab handle fits on a RHD car but there’s probably one both sides.

x pas side dash

Yes, I believe both of you have got it. Access ports for the Grab Handle mounting screws. There is a square cutout on the passenger side also.

But Erica, while I noted the larger holes that, to me, appeared to be for door clips, and while I did not pul these Crash Rolls from the donor car, there were some of the tiny screws in the actual Crash Rolls and a small plastic bag there were more stating, "for hockey sticks’. In addition, the parts manual states there are 18 mounting screws for these Crash Padding Assemblies. And another bit of evidence is Angus McRae’s '66 FHC Crash Rolls were held on with tiny screws. Angus made a drawing of where they came from and their sizes:

So perhaps there is a difference between how Jaguar mounted the Crash Rolls or the A-pillar trim on a coupe vs. a roadster?

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Probably the case yes!

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