Help With New Wire Harness

So I’m up to installing the new wire harness into my 1967 FHC.

Can someone help me were the wires in the photo go. I’m at a loss and the diagrams I have don’t show these. They are right by the voltage regulator.

I am not very good at wiring. Thanks

Not sure what happened to the first picture.

Sorry for the multiple posts. One picture is posting with a white background. No idea why.

Is it the heater box fan motor? That would be the location.

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Fred these are for the washer pump on a rhd car…… do you have a wiring diagram …all the wires have codes the green with black stripe is from the washer toggle switch …… you should also have a green wire direct o the washer pump motor I think…… originally the pumps had 3 terminals green, green black and earth …. Later cars only used the greenblack and green to work the washer pump…… do you have a seton the rh side as well?...sometimes these were made to fit both sides for lh and rh drive cars

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If these were heater fan colours green yellow and green blue plus the earth

I defer to Danny but does your car have a relay that mounts on the splash panel, near the battery? These might be for that.

I. Away at moment so have no wiring diagram handy so can’t really comment further , especially as I’m a rhd person

The picture has a white background likely because you have an apple device and dragged and dropped, or copied, the subject instead of the full picture. You can do that by long pressing the subject until it starts to glow.
Google bs-au7 wiring colours, this will answer about 80% of your questions.

They are not the heater box wires. I have them labeled.

Could these be the wires to the flasher that is next to the alternator relay?

What is that flasher for? Directionals or hazard? I believe one of the relays is mounted inside the car by the steering column.

I can’t locate these wires on my diagrams.

I have that relay wired up. These wires are not for them.

I have the wire harness for the right side of the dash. The wires for the washer bottle, windshield washer motor, starter motor and the rev counter generator are all on that harness. This harness comes out of a hole on next to the bell housing.

Sorry for the multiple posts. I do not post often. I am still learning how to navigate this forum.


Pretty sure the directional flasher is to the left of the steering column (that’s where mine is), and hazard is in the fuse panel area (from what I’ve read). There is a horn relay mounted on the back of my splash guard, rectangular silver can. Not sure if those wires are long enough.

If they don’t show on your wiring diagram, it’s possible that it’s to cover a later model or different delivery zone, or something. Maybe just try process of elimination. When you run out of devices to plug in you’ll have your answer. Just make sure the other end isn’t on a fuse block so it’s not energized.

Some thoughts:

Later 4.2 cars had a 3AW relay that is mounted above the VR box. The wires to that 3AW relay are: Brown/Yellow, Brown/Black and Black. That seems to fit your harness wires that are in that location.

The Green/Black wire is most likely for the fan relay. This diagram might help you


My car number is 1E 34190. It was built January 1967. Would you have a diagram that covers my car? The one you posted is for a later series 1.

The diagram you posted are for cars after 34582.

I purchased the classic wiring diagram a few years ago, put it away until now. I noticed it is for a 4.2 series 2. This might be part of my problem.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s help.

Fact is, lg/b, b is for the washer motor. I didn’t mention it because I recommended the wiring guide and it’s in there.
I would suggest that the green wire was removed, not the ground. Green was for keeping the pump running for a moment.

This is the only other Series 1 diagram I have. Does this help?

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Thank you.

Ok Fred ….let’s ask this …… the washer pump wires on the rhs …… are they same as the ones you show on left colour wise?..… if they are ….check the continuity between each end of the light green/black wires and the terminal on the washer toggle ……. This will help sort out a bitithink

I’ll check tomorrow.


This looks like a LHD car. The washer bottle is on the other side of the car yes? Could he have received a RHD harness? I assume they aren’t dual purpose for both drive sides.

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