Help With New Wire Harness

I totally agree with you.

Erica I can remember seeing a long time ago a double up on the washer stuff on a loom …… he says that he has the loom for the rhs with the washer …… so who knows

About to buy my new wiring harness. Any recommendations on sourcing?

It is my understanding that all Jaguar XKE harnesses are made by Autosparks out of UK:

If that understanding is accurate, then quality is a wash across vendors. It becomes an issue of how each vendor deals with issues, pricing, shipping, and (in the case of Autosparks) exchange rate.

State-side options I am aware of

(I am sure other J-Lers will chime in with others or comments on these two vendors)

I purchased every wire harness known to man to restore my Series III. I used British Wiring. I did a simple costing matrix of the harnesses and went with the most cost effective.

When shopping, I would recommend also purchasing a good

My examples above generally come from British Wiring cuz I am familiar with their website

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I have purchased two full sets of wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring. One for my 63 FHC and the other for my 67 2+2. Both were dead nuts accurate and their installation instructions are very good. There is no need to refer to the factory wiring diagram or photos, they provide specific directions for every connection.
You will probably find they are the most expensive. They do not buy from Autosparks. They make every harness custom on site. The article below describes their “factory”. Very “cottage”. If you want to reward Built in the US quality, give them a whirl.


I got all my wiring and terminals and boots, etc from RIW. They were very helpful as well as delivering quality parts.

I agree that RIW would be easier to install. When I priced it against Autosparks, RIW was about 3.5 times more expensive.

I went with Autosparks. The harnesses are beautifully made. However, there are not instructions or labels on the harnesses. You are on your own to figure out where they go. That’s why I posted questions about where things go.

I have no idea what Autosparks charges but I got all the harnesses required to do a complete car for around $3000, about 5 years ago. The number of physical sub-harnesses required to do a S1 car must be close to a dozen subassemblies.

Autosparks was around $1,000 about 3 years ago. RIW was around $3,500.

I am paying for it now. It is not an easy task figuring out where all the wires go.

Based on personal experience I would not purchase from British wire.

Can you please elaborate? Was the product bad (wires the wrong length)? Service did not meet expectations? Did they supply the wrong parts?



Can you send me a copy of the RIW instruction guide. I want to see if it is worth $2500.


Herb, sorry, no can do. It’s their proprietary product and I am also thousands of miles from home. The owner usually answers the phone. I would give him a call and see if he will send you a sample.

But in words- They send you a “fishbone” diagram for each harness. It lays out the harness exactly as it is constructed, with all the terminal end connections shown. Each end connection is given an alphanumeric code. There is a second document, basically a spreadsheet, that lists all the codes, the associated wire colors, and the device, etc. that it is connected to. Some are obvious but there are some tricky ones, especially at the harnesses that go from the dash to the rear of the car, where 2 or 3 wires just seem to randomly plug into each other. My last car came in boxes. It would have been hard to figure all this out.

I think you are getting more than a wiring diagram for the difference in price. If you are doing a concours restoration, then you also get the benefit of very authentic color codes on the wires, as well as the cloth looms. And in my experience with 2 cars, everything fit and everything worked. I am clearly a fan of RIW.

They will also solder up the wires to your bulkhead plug on the bonnet, if you send the plug.

S1 fuse panel wiring


Nice’n neat Harvey! …… it’s not easy to get the looms lying correctly and neatly …takes ages and lots of patience …great stuff

I had multiple problems with my wiring harness. I ordered a complete car wire harness for my 1968 (Series 1.5) FHC. British wire listed a harness specific for a 1968 FHC, and that is what I ordered.
The main problem I had was with the wires in the dash that connect to all the gauges, although I also had problems with other wires.
So here is the list.

  1. Wires were not marked. Luckily I marked all the wires before disconnecting and removing the harness.
  2. A few wires going to the gauges were not the correct colors. I sent photos.
  3. there were some wires that went no where, and some wires were not there. I sent photos of the extra wires.
  4. Multiple bullet connections lose and falling off of the wires. Also sent photos of wires without the bullets with evidence that the bullets had been barely crimped.
    I called with all these issues and got some response. I was initially sent some replacement bullets, and I had to purchase a proper crimping tool to install them.
    When I first called regarding the missing wires, the person who answered the phone was very helpful.
    One of the wires that I could not find, was in fact there, but at the wrong location.
    When I called back the second time regarding the other wires, the tone changed and was not so helpful anymore.
    As I replaced the bullets that had fallen off, I decided to check all the bullets and discovered that a large amount were lose and coming off. That prompted another call. No one answered and I left a message but never received a return call. I followed up with additional messages and emails, but no response. In the meantime I started to suspect that what I was sent was a series 1 harness. This prompted another call and this time the phone was answered. When I suggested that maybe I had a series 1 harness instead of a series 1.5 the person was very annoyed. I was told that he was going to check and get back to me. I never heard back from him again. I left several follow up messages and emails, but never received a call back or an email response. Haven’t hear back.
    The first two times I called I was treated ok. After that, not so much.
    That is my story and I am sticking to it. Good luck.
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Thanks, Grateful that I could learn from your experience.

You are welcome. If I had to do it all again, I would opt to purchase from one of the larger Jag parts suppliers as I feel there would be more recourse.
I recall one of the suppliers offered a wire harness with tags on all the wires. That will be very helpful. It would not have helped me much with most of the wires as I marked my original harness in great detail. But it would have been helpful in identifying the extra wires, and wrong color wires that I didn’t know what to do with.

Thanks Danny. FWIW I laid in a lot of the dash harness before the engine was installed. And no windscreen. That way I could stand up against the firewall and get good access. It certainly is harder to do sitting inside the car.

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