Help with starter ID 1995 Xj6 Vanden plas 4L

Bought a starter Bosch SR491X suppose to be right for Jaguar # DBC2937-OE
Havent removed the old one but i noticed the new starter has a threaded boss on the top. do not understand why it is not a blank hole to insert a bolt into the bell housing? is it just a dowel location to stop rotation, the starter held only by the bottom bolt??? Anyone changed out one of these starters?

anyone have a correct part number? That starter in a tough spot, it is still working so silly to tear it apart if i do not have a replacement on hand. it works 99% of the time. all connections good, new proper sized battery. really a stumper, id like to look inside the old one but not without a new one. do this twice just for fun?, not me.

From memory the starter top bolt enters from the rear of the car?

i was afraid of that, with the threaded lug on the casting it would seem that way, however the Jaguar part number I found had an illustration showing only one bolt. Seems like maybe the older Jaguars or another model might need that top lug. i.e., it fits more than one car or model. One would need to remove floor boards or tunnel to access the rear of bellhousing. cant really tell from the top or what i can see from the bottom. I have the car raised just enough to get under… I’m stuck.Every starter I see for sale or on an image search has that threaded lug. The numbers also seem correct as all sellers using same.

On the XJ40 I think that top bolt could be accessed from the top by removing the wiper motor, I don’t think thats an option for the X300
I think you need to drop the rear of the gearbox and use a few extensions and a wobbly joint to go over the transmission, there are no floor boards to lift in the cabin.

Gosh what were they thinking? Ford engineers are worse than Jaguar. I can almost see that top bolt, getting to it is not for me to attempt. It is time to look for a garage that knows the car. Thank you, Robin. Wish it had been better news.

Surely it can’t be that “impossible” guys (to simply r/r a starter motor) … :open_mouth: and I would think the X-300s, in general, are easier to work on than the XJ8s … ? :confused: I don’t have my X-300 factory repair lit. anymore, since I sold Scrapper a few years ago. Anyone checked it for the procedure? :confused: I had my starter on Harlem r/red some time ago and no part of the transmission or engine had to be disengaged or moved …

No its not ‘impossible’ to R&R the starter but it does involve having to go over the top of the transmission tunnel.

This is the part that worried me: … think you need to drop the rear of the gearbox


That part number is correct:

very interesting, wonder why it only shows one bolt?? is it possible the top threaded lug is not used or just for a dowel pin placement? thank you.

No definitely two bolts, the top bolt enters from the transmission side.