Help with47 mark 1V

Is anyone in the states,Im in LA trying to restore my 47 MK1V saloon,would be great to get any contacts for either parts or mechanical.thanks

What do you need specifically? Someone on this forum may be able to help.
I’m in Chicago, but closer to you there is the Classic Jaguar Association which holds meetings in southern California.

Hello Roger,
I am in Lawndale California, near LA Airport. I have a 1947 and 1948 “Mark IV”. I would be interested in sharing information.

Would love to,my # 818 357 8132

Hi Roger,
Have had a 48 mk Iv for 10-12 years. Call me or contact in forum. Have been able to sniff out parts as needed from somewhere. Dennis Tull in
Lawdale has been very gracious in allowing me to scrutinize his original and in process MK IV,s. He has responded above in the forum.My phone is 949-439-7886;
Orange County, Ca

Feel free to reach out. My MK IV was an original driven all the time car until We undertook a resto as I plan on keeping this car as my urn repository:

Gust Nelson

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Roger, Have restored a 48 MK IV DHC about 10 years ago. Cordel Newby of Western Jaguar, has an inventory of parts, however getting a bit smaller as time goes by. I’m on the East Coast, but may be able to help with information or some parts. It would be helpful to know engine model 2.5 or 3.5 ltr ?