Here are some I had

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Was the Whizzer:
-gotten by you, in that shape?
-or, gotten into that shape, BY you?


No…it was hit when a friend rode it…he survived. .24 " Ambassador…1961

But did the bike survive ?

Someone turn left/right in front of him?

Yes…I rebuilt it and it is still around…wrecked in 1961…rebuilt and swapped among friends for over 50 years.

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Turned left in front he went flying over the car… broke arm…lucky… we were all in high school then

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Still have the red one

A 750 Sportster was, and remains, the only Harley I’d ever entertain owning.

My 1980 is 1000 cc…was a bargain and probably my last…don’t ride far but like to look at its styling…simple.

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