Hexagon setscrews with thin head suppliers?


Does anybody know who’s still supplying 1/4" Setscrews with a low Hexagon head like FB.204/10?
Either BSF1/4" or UNF1/4" is what I’m looking for. Preferably supplier somewhere in UK or Europe. Haven’t been able to locate any supplier so far.

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,

This supplier was for me always helpful:

If he don’t have in his assortment, maybe he can get it.


Thanks Teun,

I’ll give it a try. But he takes all his UNF/BSF hardware from UK suppliers. So the biggest chance for a supplier still making these “thin” hex head screws should be in the UK.

Bob K.

Don’t forget many other British cars share hardware, so it wouldn’t hurt to post on MGA, MGTD, Triumph, etc. forums.

Thanks Mitch, but I had them made on the lathe: works much quicker than looking for the “needle in the haystack”.

Bob K.

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