Hey, Pekka, and other post-war aficionados!

(Paul Wigton) #1

@Pekka_Telivuo1. check out what’s being loaded onto a Bristol freighter! I know yours is a Mk V, but, still!!!

(Rob Reilly) #2

A Mark V saloon all right, looks like it might be FBD 582. The second car is a Rolls Royce.
Here is a Mark IV going into a similar plane.
The website where I found this said Silver City Airways used to fly vacationers with their cars from the UK to Holland. The fare was 27 pounds one way for car and 4 passengers.
In some Jaguar books there is a picture of Stirling Moss driving his two-tone 120 FHC out of one of these planes.

(Pekka T.) #3

Hi Paul,

It took me quite a while to find my way back in here, but yes, the first car is a UK reg. MKV Saloon but the second car is a Rolls-Royce Drophead.

Nobody knows where the cars were being flown to, I bet.

We just had first snow yesterday, so although this was taken only two weeks ago at the cottage, I think the season for our old lady (that was sold new in sunny California and later resided for two decades (1976-1996) in Westminster Colorado) is now gone.

I should enjoy at least one exciting drive to winter storage with the narrow Pirelli Cinturatos. :wink:

PS. OK, I did not see that Rob had already found out the planes only went as far as Holland for Continental travellers. So mystery already solved. :slight_smile:

(Paul Wigton) #4

Am I wrong?: the car looks to have the big Lucas headlights…doesnt that make it a MkIV?

(Pekka T.) #5


In Rob’s photo there is a MKIV Saloon with the big Lucas P100 headlamps, but in your photo the drophead is not a Jaguar, It’s a RR, just look at the shape of the radiator cowl. Maybe the fact that it is following a MKV Saloon into the plane fools your eye (and mind!) ? :smiley:


(Paul Wigton) #6

I was referencing Rob’s photo.

(Pekka T.) #7


Yes, that’s a MKIV (UK reg. JYW 23) also with ACE wheel discs, just like the RR DHC, they were more fashinable back then than wire wheels. :slight_smile:


(Paul Wigton) #8

Disc wheels have a certain… stateliness to them!

And, WAAAY easier to keep clean!

(Pekka T.) #9


Sure, but of course those both cars are still on wire wheels, they just have the ACE wheel discs (aluminum if I am not mistaken) on top of the wire wheels to make them look smoother and probably to protect from crud as well. I think I have seen in Ed’s posts that there was a special extension for the valves on the wheels for those.


(Pekka T.) #10


Had most likely the last drive this year, on Sunday. It was a beautiful day, they say we have not had this little snow in the whole country in late November for as long as there are statistics.