HHC3015AA Fuel Filler Gasket Dimensions

In case anyone ever needs to make one of these…

Fuel Gasket.pdf (23.5 KB)

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That is a nice template.
But a few more measures would really make it great…for example…What is the distance between your two red lines? Distance from bottom edge to top edge? Distance from bottom to the bottom line, bottom line to the center of the center hole, and to the center of the top hole?

Thanks for taking a look. I can provide those dimensions, but if you print out the PDF, it’s a perfect 1:1 scale. I just added some dimensions so you can make sure your printer didn’t scale it up or down.

In case it’s needed, I can amend it to add 3-3/16" between the two red lines, or the centerline of the 1/8" holes.

Dimension of bottom to top edge is 4-1/4".

Distance from Bottom edge to centerline of bottom 1/8" hole is 3/16".

Bottom edge to bottom of large circle is 1".

Top edge to top of large circle is 1-1/8".

Top of 3/16" hole to top edge is 3/8".

Upper 1/8" holes are 1-1/8" apart, inside arc of hole to inside arc of hole.

Fuel Gasket more dimensions.pdf (48.2 KB)

That is good to know. Thanks