Hi torque starter failed, then worked, the next day

Yesterday, after a 2 hr drive, and a 10 min break, it started as usual. But I then drove 1 min across to a gas station. After filling it was dead. I got help to roll it and then kept it running until back home. It stopped on the way into the garage, but I could roll it in.
4 hrs later I tried, but still dead.
This morning though, it started as normal.
3 yrs old and has never failed.
What is going on…?

Heat soak - related failure, maybe?

Starter button switch or solenoid old, corroded, getting worn out?
Bad cable connection at the battery or solenoid or starter?

you can’t trust these modern starter motors! :smile:
The winning chassis register car being tow started as the new Japanese starter motor wouldn’t start the car but then again you do need teeth on the flywheel!

I suspect…(first) what Rob said…

There are billions of these starters on cars, have been for decades. Start with the basics including the battery. I’d suspect a volts/no amps problem before swapping the starter.