Hi-torque starter motors

On 2 cars with these, there is terrible noise, and a bit of hesitation or even temporary stop/pause in the turning action.
On a 420G it stopped working after 6-7 yrs. It proved to be really poor quality inside.
And on an XK 150 with R engine from an E-type, the starter is so weak that it will never start the engine.
I think an overhauled original starter is better, but there are very few shops these days that do it

You have really had bad luck and perhaps other problems you attribute to the starter motor.

I have installed hi torque staters in four old cars, including 2 xk6 engines, and have always been very happy with them.

Agreed: the one I put in the Rover made it eminently more usable, and provides much more reliable starts than the original Lucas. That’s not so much the fault of the Lucas starter, which is identical to the one in the E type, but because it’s used on a high compression four-cylinder.

I agree - a good quality hi-torque is a big improvement. My '68 Mustang and '68 Cooper S both have them, and I have one in the box ready for my XK140, when I get the engine built. The Mustang’s has been on for 18yrs and 45,000, the Mini’s for 9 years and 15,000, neither have missed a beat.
You might want to check installation - correct number of teeth, degree of mesh etc. Sometimes spacer shims are needed to adjust this.

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